With the economy being this sluggish here is the result of a survey done on what Singaporeans really want for the 2017 budget. It is of no surprise that job opportunities rank high on the back of Singaporean mind.

A surprise thou is how far back housing cost have moved. Could this be an indication that the cooling measure implemented has been somewhat of a success?

“Some two-thirds of Singaporeans feel that the 2017 Budget should place priority on the economy and employment opportunities, according to a new survey conducted by research firm Blackbox Research.

The next highest priority is healthcare (17 per cent), followed by social welfare (8 per cent), transport (7 per cent), education (6 per cent) and housing (4 per cent)



Has the price of HDB reached the bottom?

Singapore property has been making the headline news for sometime now. This is because it has been dropping since the Q2 of 2013. As such 2 years have passed and many have been wondering if the market has reached the lowest point yet.

Frankly we do not believe so. This is because of the announcement of the next bto release:

“SINGAPORE: A “bumper crop” of 12,000 Housing and Development Board flats will be made available in November, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan announced on Wednesday (Sep 23).” – http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/bumper-crop-of-12-000/2145362.html

With the new release comes another 5000+ unit from the sale of balance flat, making it close to 18,000 unit to be sold and delivered within the next 2-4 year. While noting that the income ceiling increase could mean more BTO applicant whom are stuck with income near the early 10k per month, we should note that price of EC have dropped too making them a very attractive alternative for the buyers within that range.

While price drop have slowed down base on the latest data:

“Resale prices of Housing Board flats rose slightly last month, sticking to their relatively flat trend in recent months.

While experts said the market might pick up with the new housing policies announced at the National Day Rally, they maintained that any recovery will be slow because of the cooling measures still in force. Overall, prices inched up 0.3 per cent from July to last month, according to the latest figures from SRX Property.” – http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/housing/pick-up-in-resale-flat-prices-will-be-slow

We do believe that it reflects a slower drop in price that should continue for another year or so.